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40g Water Kefir Grains

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Product description

Organic Certified by OF&G Organic Farmers and Growers. 40g of live water kefir grains - Kefir - The ultimate superfood - More powerful & healthier than yoghurt. Feel amazing, make your own kefir and enjoy the wonderful health benefits straight away. Fermenting fruit juice is a great way to minimize the effects of high sugar intake since kefir converts sugar or glucose during fermentation. Features & Health Benefits: - May improve digestion, weight management & mental health - Regularly tested for harmful bacteria 100% Organic - Easy to make - Comes with instructions - Ferment any fruit juice or sugar/water mix to make instant probiotic drinks - 1,000,000+ CFU/g Active 'friendly' probiotic bacteria - Contains unique bacteria(inc. Lactobacillus kefiri) not found in yoghurt - Bioactive - May help protect against infection - Breaks down sugar - Doesn't raise blood sugar levels - Suitable for all ages. Kombuchaorganic - Culturing Kefir since 2012, we have carefully crafted our skills and knowledge to bring you the healthiest and most powerful kefir grains to the highest standard.

Legal Disclaimer

Kombuchaorganic® is a registered trademark. We offer organically grown cultures we lovingly care for. We offer free trackable service shipping on any UK order. We also post worldwide. All our orders are put into food grade BPA free packaging and then triple sealed. We do not use aluminium packaging due to the health risks. We aim to dispatch the same or next day. We are governed by the Carlisle City Council Environmental Health rules and regulations related to running a food premise and undergo regular inspections to ensure safety and hygiene levels are always at the highest level. We hold the relevant food and hygiene certificates required to operate. Our cultures are regularly tested by UKAS accredited laboratory – ALS Global.